The first aid industry has gotten tired;

classroom style setups, lots of talking at the learner and a whole lot less 'doing'. To put it simply: quality is down, and the true meaning of first aid has been lost. 


The fact that only 3 in 10 Aussies feel confident to respond to a workplace first aid emergency is enough to show that the way we're currently doing things isn't good enough.


At Hero HQ, we're different [really!]

It's Easy to Book

We know organising first aid can be a huge pain in the butt. We've simplified the process, helping you get back to the rest of your to-do-list.

Less Classroom Time

Choose your learning style! Hero HQ can offer your team a superior online learning experience which means we can cut down on the contact time your people need with our educator. 

ALL The Value

Your People Will Love Us

This isn't an annual training 'see you next year' process for us; when you book with Hero HQ, we're here for you throughout the other 364 days, offering updated advice and phone guidance to ensure you and your teams are as safe as can be.

We stand for training that is immersive and engaging. We do this by employing adult-learning principles and creating real-life scenarios through video and sound that will get the adrenaline pumping and brain thinking. Our Net Promoter Score of 81 is a credit to this!

Your search stops here.

Get in touch to find out how Hero HQ is the perfect first aid solution for your business.