Supporting your mental health during lockdown

Adjusting to our 'new normal' of lockdowns and global change has left many of us (and those we're closest to) feeling anxious. The pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives leading to increases in anxiety, low mood and stress caused by the uncertainty of COVID.

Now, more than ever, COVID has highlighted the need to equip ourselves with both an understanding of mental health and coping strategies to enhance our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Hero HQ's Mental Health Course provides insight into mental health and offers vital strategies to help you and those around you cope during these unprecedented times. 


  1. What is poor mental health 

  2. What is stress

  3. Identify the signs of stress and poor mental health at work

  4. Explore the cost of mental health problems and workplace stress, and the impact on individuals

  5. The impact of self-isolation and lockdown fatigue 

  6. Explore interventions to combat poor mental health and workplace stress

  7. Steps to take to cope with COVID-19

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This course is delivered virtually using a state of the art learning platform that allows for high engagement and knowledge retention with free downloadables throughout. The platform offers a chat function to assist with the learning experience and participant engagement. 

*Participants will need access to a device with a good internet connection.


Available sessions

Join in on one of our open courses held on the: 
• Tuesday 14th September 3:45 pm 



This course is delivered in one hour. 



$20 per person 


customised just for
your team

Alternatively, if you have more than 25 staff, we can arrange a customised course for your team. They can all tune in from home and particpate in an hour course designed to provide insight, coping strategies and lead to better physical and emotional wellbeing during these times. 


We can add additional topics to assist your team with specific concerns or challenges they are experiencing. Additional topics suggestions: 

  • Managing student stress (school specific) 

  • Managing customer interactions and emotions during these times

  • Ways to seek help confidentially and remotely

  • When a referral is needed and what is the best pathway to seek for yourself and others 

Please submit an enquiry below if you are interested in customised training for your team.

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