How Many First Aiders Do I Need?

March 16, 2018

First Aid Training in the workplace is essential for the prevention and treatment of workplace injuries and accidents. At Hero HQ, we believe everyone should be empowered with the life-saving skill and knowledge of first aid. However, we understand that it might not be financially possible for businesses to be able to train all of their staff members nor is it required.


We recognise that it can often be tricky deciding how many first aiders you actually need in your workplace, but at the end of the day, it’s integral for your workplace to be compliant with Australian first aid training requirements. There are many considerations to factor in when making this decision including your workplace’s risk assessment, your industry and the law.


Lucky for you, Hero HQ is in the know about all things compliance and are here to provide you with the down-low on recommended first aider requirements in Australia!


The Law


Under the Model Work Health and Safety Regulations, clause 42: Duty to provide first aid, a person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure that:


  • An adequate number of workers are trained to administer first aid at the workplace; or

  • Workers have access to an adequate number of other persons who have been trained to administer first aid.


The maximum penalty for not doing so is $6,000 in the case of an individual and $30,000 in the case of a corporation. So, if you were considering putting your workers at risk or doing a dodgy by not complying with Federal Law, we’d advise thinking twice! 


Yikes! Okay, so how many workers should I get trained?


Safe Work Australia recommends as a general rule that there should be at least one first aider for every 50 workers in a low-risk workplace, such as an office and at least one first aider for every 25 workers in a high-risk workplace, such as a construction site.  For high-risk workplaces in remote areas, Safe Work recommends having at least one first aider for every ten workers. 


However, when it comes to first aid - every workplace will be different, meaning the above general ratio won’t apply to many organisations around Australia.


To help you determine the risk of your workplace and the number of first aiders required, we suggest sitting down and answering the following questions: