Winter And Your Workplace

May 28, 2018


Winter is coming…


For most of Australia, warm summer days are fast becoming a distant memory, and our coats have started making their way out of our wardrobes. And for workplaces, winter can be a costly couple of months - and no, we’re not talking about your electricity bill. 


Australians take an estimated 90 million sick days every year, which costs our economy a whopping $34.1 billion. In winter, the common cold and flu virus is expected to cost workplaces around $1,300 for every week an employee is off sick with the flu. 


For many organisations, the struggle of covering the cost of sick leave entitlements and absentee of workers, especially in small business can be all too real during this time of year.


With cold and flu season looming, I’m sure you’re asking as an employer, how can I keep my employees healthy? Primarily, it comes down to all year well-being, incentives and planning. And lucky for you, Hero HQ is here to give you all of our winter workplace tips!


So, what’s the difference between cold and flu?


Commonly mistaken for one another, there are a few fundamental differences to help identify between cold and flu.

How to Stop the Spread


In Australia, it’s estimated that as many as 9 out of 10 workers go to work despite showing clear signs of flu or cold-like symptoms. Take a look around your workplace now; we’re sure there’s someone with a sore throat or a stuffy nose. 


For the person suffering from cold or flu, they may feel they still have the energy and capacity to continue their daily tasks. However, little known to them their cold or flu can travel fast and will more than likely end up infecting their colleagues.