Let's Bust Some Myths!

July 25, 2018


When there’s something strange with your first aid skills, who you gonna call? Hero Headquarters! 


As experts in our industry, we’ve seen and heard every first aid myth you could dream of. While some are silly old wives tales that will do little to treat your sickness or injury - however, when done incorrectly some techniques have the potential to do more damage than good.




Myth: You should apply cooling gels or submerge in water when suffering from burns


When we burn ourselves it's instinct is to cool the skin down. The only way to treat a contact burn is by placing the area under cool running water for twenty minutes - submerging your wound in ice water or putting ice to the skin will only result in further tissue damage.


You should also NOT:

  • Peel off clothing or burning substances

  • Break blisters

  • Apply lotions, ointments, creams or powders

After the burn has been cooled by running water for 20 minutes, place a loose and light non-stick dressing over the area (e.g. cling wrap) and keep the rest of the body warm to prevent hypothermia.