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We’re in the business of saving lives.

Accredited Corporate CPR and First Aid Training in Australia

Is your organisation in the market for corporate first aid training?
You’ve come to just the right place. 

Hero HQ is here to empower your team through fuss-free,

time-efficient, engaging, blow-your-damn-mind first aid training.

That's what we're about.

Hero HQ has an array of learning styles to choose from that suit the needs of your team. That way, you can keep your employees engaged and have them become First Aid Heroes in no time! 


Whether you’re after a face-to-face learning session blending theory and practical content or Hero HQ’s most popular express delivery, which allows learners to complete theory before their in-person session, the choice is yours! Prac Lab courses are offered for education settings focusing more on online learning. 


Choose from various first aid training courses, from corporate CPR training to First Aid training, Child Care First Aid, Remote First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation and more. 


In case of a fire in your workplace, it is best to ensure nominated employees are prepared by undertaking the Fire Warden Training or Chief Warden training course. Ensure your workplace knows how to operate a fire extinguisher for small office fires with Hero HQ’s Fire Extinguisher course. 

Get a personalised quote from Hero HQ today


Hero HQ has quickly become one of Australia’s leading first-aid training courses empowering over 200,000 Australians to become First Aid Heroes. 


You can count on our trusted sales team to work closely with you to create the perfect bespoke, immersive training option for everyone involved that best suits your business needs. Your account manager will keep you in the loop with any updates and rebook training as needed. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Hero HQ today, and we’d be more than happy to assist.


Born from experience

Two sisters, one a Paramedic and one a career Educator, determined to create a company that would lead to people confidently stepping up and saving lives in first aid emergencies.

Trusted by the best.

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