Terms and Conditions

HERO is dedicated to providing top-notch training that meets the highest ethical standards. Our terms and conditions are designed to give potential customers accurate information, and we are committed to complete transparency in all our operations to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Registered Training Organisation

Hero Headquarters Pty Ltd is a registered training organisation that provides nationally recognised training under provider number 40664. To view information about our company and the scope of the training we provide, please click here.


The training offered by HERO is designed to provide participants with first aid knowledge and skills. Training does NOT constitute a medical qualification. HERO accepts no responsibility for the subsequent actions of any individuals who complete this course of study. First aid training involves moderate physical activity, including demonstrating CPR on the floor. HERO does not accept any responsibility for any harm suffered as a result of participating in the training provided.

Performing CPR

If you are taking a course that includes CPR training, it is essential that you are able to kneel on the ground and demonstrate the technique on a manikin for at least two minutes. If you or a team member are unable to kneel, we suggest scheduling your training for a later time, as we cannot issue a certificate without this level of physical activity.

Non-attendance Fee

A fee of $15 per person will be charged for no-shows unless HERO is notified prior to training.

Cancellations & Reschedules

The following fees will apply if you choose to change or cancel your training


A rescheduling fee of $250 will apply for date changes within seven days of your training date.


Any cancellations made between the time your online learning is issued (or 3+ weeks before your training date) and your scheduled session will incur a fee of $250.


Once the deposit invoice has been paid, no refunds will be issued.


Certificates will be issued once payment is received.

Late Invoice Payment

Late payment of invoices will incur an additional fee of $25 per day.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates will be emailed directly to participants within 30 days of course completion.​


Photos may be taken by our educators throughout the session. These images may be utilised on our social media platforms, website and other marketing material mentioning your organisation's name and logo. If you do not comply with this term, you must contact us before the session advising so.

Complaints and Appeals

HERO is committed to ensuring all students' complaints or appeals are resolved promptly. Please lodge your appeal or complaint below: