Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

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Upon successfully completing this course, learners will gain the skills to quickly recognise allergic reaction triggers, signs, and symptoms, including severe cases like anaphylaxis.

They'll be empowered to develop robust risk management strategies to minimise anaphylaxis risks. Additionally, they'll confidently provide emergency first aid, including the vital administration of an adrenaline auto-injector, ensuring fast and effective assistance for those experiencing anaphylactic reactions.

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They will practice:

  • Interpersonal skills to comfort the casualty.
  • Observation skills to recognise the severity of allergic reactions and monitor the casualty's condition.
  • First aid skills to position and manage the casualty, administer adrenaline, and follow ASCIA Action Plans.
  • Communication skills to convey details of the emergency to emergency services.
  • Literacy skills to complete workplace documentation and interpret instructions.

Your team will gain the knowledge to:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of allergic reactions, including distinguishing between mild/moderate and severe reactions.
  • Understand ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions and the ASCIA First Aid Plan for Anaphylaxis.
  • Identify common and less-common triggers/allergens for allergic reactions.
  • Know standard procedures for responding to anaphylaxis and understanding potential adverse consequences.
  • Differentiate between anaphylaxis and asthma.
  • Apply procedures for uncertain situations, unavailability of adrenaline injectors, and accidental injections.
  • Be aware of anaphylaxis emergency response procedures, adrenaline injector replacement, documentation, and refresher training requirements.
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2 HRS Online
0.5 HRS Practical

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3 years


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  • Nationally Recognised
  • Minimum of 10 learners per booking.

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