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Are you ready to take charge and become a leader during emergencies? This course will teach you how to make critical decisions that can help ensure the safety of people in your workplace during emergencies. You'll learn to quickly assess the situation, prioritise tasks, and give clear and concise instructions to those involved in the response efforts. You will become a leader in your workplace's safety. From fires to medical emergencies, you'll be equipped to handle them, drawing from the comprehensive guidelines outlined in Australian Standard 3745-2010.

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Your team will learn how to:

  • Understand actions in response to developing situations.
  • Know how to collate information and report on the emergency status.
  • Understand the command, control, and coordination framework.
  • Know about dynamic risk assessment and emergency response structures.
  • Understand emergency signals, warnings, and procedures.
  • Know the layout of emergency stations and facility documentation.
  • Understand facility emergency plan and response procedures.
  • Recognise leadership responsibilities during emergencies.
  • Understand relevant legislation, standards, and regulations.
  • Know the liaison requirements with emergency services.
  • Understand their role in facility emergency plan and briefing processes.
  • Recognise the typical behaviour of people in emergencies.
  • Understand WHS/OHS requirements.

They will practice:

  • Applying Work Health and Safety (WHS)/Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements.
  • Brief emergency services personnel.
  • Command, control, and coordinate facility emergency responses.
  • Comply with relevant legislation, standards, and regulations.
  • Give clear directions and keep others informed during emergencies.
  • Identify evacuation assembly areas.
  • Implement facility emergency response procedures.
  • Interpret information from emergency control indicator equipment.
  • Prepare for emergencies and undertake pre-emergency planning.
  • Respond appropriately to emergency signals and warnings.
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More information coming soon.
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