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This course aims to equip you and your team with essential first responder skills, such as CPR and handling various first aid emergencies. At HERO, we strongly believe in the importance of being prepared for any situation that may arise in the workplace or community. From everyday accidents to serious medical crises like burns, allergies, choking, and heart attacks, our Provide First Aid course covers it all.

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We offer on-site training for your team in various skills, such as CPR, AED usage, injury treatment, medical emergency management and more. We suggest that you come prepared for the course by wearing comfortable clothing that is suitable for hands-on exercises.

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It's imperative that every workplace ensures there's at least one team member trained in CPR and first aid to swiftly respond to emergencies onsite. However, it's not just a responsibility limited to a single individual; extending CPR training to more team members is essential. Whether you're a parent, caregiver, student, or community member, expanding CPR training within your workplace equips more individuals with life-saving skills. By having multiple trained personnel, your team can confidently handle medical emergencies, potentially saving lives even before professional medical help arrives. Investing in broader CPR training for your team enhances workplace safety and reinforces a culture of preparedness and care.

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Your team will learn how to:

  • Understand ARC guidelines for managing an injured person and CPR.
  • Identify incident hazards and minimise risks.
  • Follow infection control procedures.
  • Know the requirements for skill currency and first aid codes.
  • Understand legal and workplace considerations, including duty of care.
  • Recognise the need for stress management for first aiders.
  • Know CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants.
  • Understand basic anatomy and physiology relevant to CPR.
  • Know signs, symptoms and management for various conditions and injuries, including anaphylaxis, minor and significant injuries, seizures and much more.

They will practice:

  • Using Australian guidelines to manage an unconscious, but breathing person.
  • Manage unconscious, non-breathing adults, infants and children, including CPR and AED use.
  • Hand over to emergency services and provide accurate incident reports.
  • Managing various first aid emergencies such as anaphylaxis, choking and fractures.
  • Respond to simulated first aid incidents, including identifying conditions, providing treatment, and reporting.
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HERO has over 10 years experience as a reputable and accredited provider of first-aid training courses across Australia. You will earn a certification (HLTAID011 Provide First Aid) that is valid for 3 years when you complete our first aid course. This certification validates your skills and gives you the confidence to provide first aid effectively in emergency situations.

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Every workplace should have someone trained in first aid to act in the event of an emergency within the workplace, but first aid training is for everyone! Parents, caregivers, students and community members should consider learning to provide first aid. Whatever community or group you belong to, first aid training can prepare you to respond to medical emergencies and potentially save a life before professional medical help arrives.

Yes, first aid training comes in basic to advanced levels. At Hero HQ, our first aid training is suitable for beginners in general settings such as employees and workplaces. However, we also offer more in-depth courses for specific settings, such as Childcare First Aid, Remote First Aid and Advanced First Aid. Check our courses for more information!



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3 years


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  • Nationally Recognised
  • Minimum of 10 learners per booking.

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