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Advanced First Aid Course (HLTAID014) For Complex Situations

Do you work in a high-risk environment, such as construction or mining? Do you travel frequently or engage in outdoor activities like hiking and skiing? Or do you take care of very young children, elderly adults or individuals with medical conditions? If so, you might need advanced first aid training — and Hero HQ has you covered.

Our advanced first aid course is designed to prepare you for complex situations requiring swift medical response. Whether that involves severe trauma from accidents, sudden illness, emergencies in remote or wilderness environments, crises or natural disasters, our training at Hero HQ can turn you into a competent and confident responder. 

Enrol in our course and learn the appropriate and effective first aid response for complex situations!

Beyond the basics: What you’ll learn from advanced first aid training

Here’s an overview of the coverage of our advanced first aid course:

  • Advanced trauma care — With our expert guidance, you will master techniques to manage trauma, from managing bleeding to stabilising individuals with chest and spinal injuries.


  • Medical emergencies — Our advanced first aid course equips you with the ability to quickly recognise and respond to critical medical scenarios. Learn to understand the signs and symptoms of complex conditions, such as heart attacks, strokes and seizures, and perform appropriate responses.


  • Advanced CPR techniques — Become proficient in life-saving techniques like Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR. You will learn the latest CPR guidelines and methodologies from our advanced first aid training, as well as train in using automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to resuscitate individuals experiencing cardiac arrest.


  • Respiratory emergencies — Gain the skills to manage respiratory distress effectively, so you can help individuals with breathing difficulties. You’ll also become adept at responding to choking incidents.


  • Fractures and musculoskeletal injuries — Learn how to assess, immobilise and provide initial care for bone fractures and joint dislocations. Advanced first aid is vital to ensuring the comfort of injured individuals and promoting rapid recovery.


  • Poisoning emergencies — Understand the signs and symptoms of poisoning and toxic exposures with advanced first aid training. Provide critical first aid to mitigate the effects of harmful substances, such as household chemicals, drugs, plants and animal venom.


  • Emergency childbirth — Be prepared to step in as a capable caregiver during childbirth emergencies where professional help is not immediately available. 


  • Advanced first aid kit preparation — Assemble and utilise a well-equipped first aid kit. Our course will teach you the necessary tools for advanced first aid kits and how to correctly use them for various scenarios.


From novice to hero: Who should take advanced first aid training


Advanced first aid training caters to a diverse range of individuals who share a common goal: to elevate their knowledge and skills in first aid responses for complex situations. It can be for an everyday person who simply wants to be prepared for a crisis or for people who belong to high-risk environments, such as: 


  • First aid responders — If you already have basic first aid certification and want to expand your skill set, this course is for you. Our advanced first aid training helps you prepare for more complex medical emergencies, such as advanced life support, overdoses and severe trauma.


  • Search and rescue personnel — Members of search and rescue teams play a pivotal role in locating and assisting individuals in challenging environments. Advanced first aid skills allow you to provide critical care during rescue missions, whether in a remote location such as the mountains or an area struck by natural disasters.


  • Workplace safety officers — If you are responsible for maintaining the safety of your workplace and colleagues, you need advanced first aid training. Safety officers can enhance their capacity to respond to workplace accidents and foster a safer and more secure work environment. 


  • Outdoor enthusiasts — For people who enjoy land and water activities, the great outdoors can sometimes pose unforeseen challenges. Advanced first aid skills are critical when accidents occur in remote landscapes, as medical services might not be readily available. With our training, you’ll gain the tools to manage injuries and medical crises when far from conventional medical facilities.


  • Parents and caregivers — The well-being of your loved ones is a priority, whether you’re a parent or a relative’s caregiver. Our advanced first aid course offers you the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for emergencies, especially if you care for young children, elderly adults or individuals with medical conditions. 


Master the art of saving lives with advanced first aid from Hero HQ

Are you looking to take your first aid knowledge to the next level? Enrol in our advanced first aid course! Here at Hero HQ, we offer first aid courses for different levels. Plus, we can customise our training to address the unique needs of your environment. Gather at least ten learners per booking and choose from two forms of delivery for advanced first aid: 

  • Express — A combination of online and face-to-face instruction, starting at $195 per head.


  • Prac Lab — A combination of online and face-to-face instruction for schools only, starting at $195 per head.

So whether you’re a concerned family member or a trained search and rescue personnel, we can help you prepare to address medical emergencies with skill and confidence. Contact us for a free quote for your group today and become certified to perform advanced first aid with us at Hero HQ!

  • What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and why do I need one?
    A USI is a reference number that creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia. Having a USI will give you access to your training records and transcripts, anytime and anywhere. A USI is free, easy to create and stays with you for life. Click here to create your USI.
  • Why do I have online learning to complete?
    If your workplace has elected for you to complete an express course with Hero HQ, you will be asked to complete some prior learning. This dramatically reduces the face Your course is made up of two components: online prior learning and face to face training. Please be aware that online prior learning dramatically reduces the face to face training time!
  • What happens if I do not complete any prior learning?
    Prior learning is a course requirement that aims to reduce the face to face training time! If prior learning has not been completed, Hero HQ is unable to issue you a certificate. You are enrolled into the online learning platform 2 weeks before your course which gives you plenty of time to attempt that assessment.
  • I’ve logged into my account but now I don’t know where to go from here!
    The dashboard can sometimes be an overwhelming sight, but don’t worry - just head to your learning plan to find your module ready to be completed. You can find your learning plan on the left hand side of the screen in a box that includes the name of your workplace and date of your training.
  • I’m just doing a first aid course, why do you need all these enrolment details?"
    The form you have to complete has been designed by the Australian Government for all Registered Training Organisations. Without this information, Hero HQ is unable to issue your certificate. This is a legislative process that we must comply with, however if you would like to discuss more about it please contact 1300 054 563.
  • I accidentally submitted my work but I hadn’t finished! Is there anything I can do?
    Don’t worry at all! A simple call to Hero HQ and a member of the Support Team can unlock that assessment for you to finish. Contact 1300 054 563 or for assistance!
  • I think I’ve finished all aspects of my assessment, but it won’t let me submit my answers!"
    This usually means you’ve forgot to fill in one question somewhere along the way! Don’t forget there are boxes to fill out in the student agreement section and the assessment itself! If you’ve looked over these sections and cannot find the missing questions please contact Hero HQ and they can look into on your behalf you.
  • How do I know if I’ve completed everything?
    In your learning plan for your course, you will see all of the modules including an introduction, our First Aid Handbook and at least one online learning module. These modules will display a status next to them of either 'not started', 'in progress' or 'complete'.
  • I’ve forgotten my password! Can I get a new one?
    Of course you can and it is quite a simple process! Click on this link to reset your password.
  • I’ve changed my password and I still can’t access my account. What should I do?
    If you’ve just recently changed your password, our online learning platform sometimes takes just a few minutes to register a password change. The best thing to do, is walk away and get a drink or have a quick fresh air break. The password should be active within 5 minutes of resetting.
  • I’ve completed the course but when do I get a copy of my certificate?
    As per Government guidelines, all certificates are issued within 30 calendar days of your training. We do try and send your certificates out earlier than this though! Throughout these 30 days, keep checking your inbox including your junk mail folder. If it has passed the 30 day timeframe and you still have not received your certificate please contact Hero HQ Support.

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